One of the primary selling points for oral turinabol is it’s low chance of side effects, with only one male ever reporting side effects, and that caused by about 5 years of taking it at a rather elevated dosage. typically only extraordinarily long cycles that are high in dosage can cause side effects with this steroid.

Being a 17-alkylated steroid like Winstrol Depot means that it can build up in the liver to toxic levels. this is easily countered though through proper post cycle therapy

the dangers of using it are fairly limited in men, with the side effects reported being the shutting down of natural testosterone production and the development of testicular tumors.

there were a series of studies preformed on male athletes, which were given 10mg of oral turinabol per day over a six week period. no negative health effects were reported by the participants in that oral turinabol study.

During the study mentioned above, it was determined that it was able to reduce the binding of shbg to other steroids, thus allowing the other parts of the stack to function at an increased efficiency.

Women however tend to experience increased and more severe, often intolerable, side effects. these side effects in women tended to manifest in the forms of development of a deeper voice, increased facial hair growth, as well as enlargement of the female genitalia (it may not be my bag, but you just know that somewhere out there is someone that really digs that sort of thing)

some minor side effects reported by both sexes are an increase in acne, increased aggression, and gastrointestinal pain, in other words, you’ll feel like a constipated teenager.