Oral Turinabol, Also known as OT or in some circles T-bol, is a rather effective strength and mass enhancing drug. since it is unable to be converted to estrogen Oral Turinabol can even be used while on a cutting diet and excercise regimen. The versatility of Oral Turinabol is Widely Reknowned and Very well earned.

Typically most people taking it tend to do well on doses of 40-60 mg / day, taken 20-30mg / dose twice a day.

During studies preformed to determine the effectiveness and potential side effects of Oral Turinabol, Male athletes were given 10 milligrams per day over a six week period, during that time no negative side effects were reported by any of the study participants.

An intriguing side effect was determined by the participants of that study, it was discovered that it was able to reduce SHBG’s ability to bind to other steroids. This action allowed Testosterone to be utilized more efficiently.

Oral Turinabol is effective at low doses, but it’s effectiveness increases rapidly as the dosage rises, the typical formula for determining proper dosage would be (please consult your doctor, this is no substitute for proper medical advice)

body weight / 10 = mg/day

it’s been seen though that some people get rather good results from even doubling up on the dosage recommended by that formula. your mileage may vary but most athletes taking that dosage highly recommended it as it is effective at building solid muscle mass with some immense strength gains and rather low water retention.

It tends to stack well with Parabolan and Winstrol Depot, the resulting stack is a powerhouse for building hard dense muscle with sharp definition, no boobies, and no estrogen surplus.

Another benefit is it’s ability to be rapidly broken down by the body and cleaned from the athlete’s system. some athletes have tested negative for doping after only 5 days of being off the cycle.

Although i’ve never personally seen it, this drug is supposedly still available in europe, but in short supply. the supply that does exist is rapidly expiring, so if you do find any, you have got to hurry.

some people have reported paying as little as $15 for a packet of 20 5mg tabs. of course that price will go up on the black market, but that is simply to be expected.